telematics services

Our Site Remote Analysis is a business growth enabler, through optimal resource utilization and OPEX reduction.

We empower businesses with Real Time Monitoring, Smart Data Analysis, Energy Reliability, Remote Maintenance Predictions in order to pro-actively reduce business-operational expenses for all Connected Assets such as (Fleet, Generators, Batteries, Bulk Tanks, Air Conditioners together with the entire power environment).

Remote Fleet Management

At Drib, we move a journey from Simple Tracking of mobile assets, to Real time Live monitoring & Alerting, Smart Reporting, Asset Performance & Maintenance Prediction and Deep Data Analysis empowered by an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence Module.

Our end clients are able achieve Real time asset locations, accurate fuel information, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, relevantly to enable meaningful operational business decisions.  

Smart Battery Management

Drib enables end clients to achieve energy efficiency in the Smart Battery World.

We provide a battery monitoring and tracking solution in regard to battery movement/vibration, tamper detection, battery voltage, current, temperature and  internal resistance.

Our clients attain complete control over their batteries and battery health hence achieving Smart Battery Conversion and Optimal Battery Life Span.

Smart Generator Management

The Drib Generator Smart Solution provides real time visibility on Asset location, Generator engine diagnostics, Generator battery health, Generator fuel information.

An extra mile on generator remote start/stop, alarm management and smart reporting on overall generator performance can be achieved.

The system Artificial intelligence module can enable comparison across various generators to enable resource optimization throughout the operational life cycle. 

Smart Power Management

Being a necessary fixed cost in business operations, At Drib we change the way to view things on the entire power environment, by offering a “Tracking – Monitoring – Reporting – Management Tool.

Ranging from Main Grid to all alternative power sources, such as solar, generators, ups & batteries, can be remotely controlled with the Drib Smart Power Management solution on a single platform across all sites.

Theft / vandalism, fuel fraud, battery life, maintenance predictions energy consumption, imbalances & loss cannot go undetected.

Automatic Tank Guaging Solution

Drib ATG solution enriches retail, aviation and bulk fueling vendors or customers with a remote/smart, real time and accurate information required in wet stock management and reconciliation.

We custom design system solutions that 100% meet the end client fuel management needs and compliance standards as well as allowing for centralized data management in order to optimize operational revenue.